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Canting Bali Cooking Class in Ubud

Welcome to Bali, Enjoying the Balinese way of cooking, can be a wonderful thing to experience during your visit to the “Island of the Gods”.

At Canting Bali Cooking Class, We would love the opportunity to teach you how to make Balinese food from the authentic Balinese recipe.

Canting Bali Cooking Class Proudly Owned and Operated by Balinese

We are located in the beautiful place overlooking rice paddy in Laplapan village. Canting Bali proudly owned and operated by Balinese.

Canting Bali founder by I Made Suparta, We support local culture and local business, concerned with the progress and growing of the local economy and introducing to the world about the beauty of Bali.

Canting Bali Cooking Class will guide and take you to the new experience about Bali, learning about the secret of Balinese culture, local wisdom and culinary as well. Not just cooking, our program will take you to the warmly Balinese family, sharing a story about our living and bring you to the beautiful Balinese scenery especially in Ubud.

The environment is safe and friendly and English speaking local guides are there to help you. All of our classes are conducted in a traditional Balinese-style kitchen that is typically found in our village.

Balinese food has a specific character and spices have an important role in creating the unique flavor. You will be taught the traditional methods for preparing Balinese food, including how we utilize the special tropical plants, roots, and herbs found on the “Island of the Gods”.

Canting Bali Cooking Class Program

We have special Cooking Class Program to guide you to learn and make Balinese menu (Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian menu), all menu will be made by your hand self, then you will savor the delight that you have for lunch or dinner.

This you’ll find in our program; explore the local or traditional market, meet the farmers and learn how they grow rice, and finally, you will learn how to make many delicious menus from authentic Balinese recipes and ingredients.

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